1. This is just one of the solutions for you to be successful. It looks specifically at the requirements of 29 CFR 1926, Subpart K – which covers the design characteristics of safe systems for use when installing and using electrical systems. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for . Place the load at the highest position for traveling. Attaching ungrounded two-prong adapter plugs to three-prong cords and tools, Using circuit breakers on fuses with the wrong rating for overcurrent protection, Using cord or tools that have been modified from the way they were manufactured and/or meant to be used – for example, removing a face plate, insulation, or ground prongs, Using cords or tools with exposed wires, and fraying, cut or worn insulation, Never yank the cord or the hose to disconnect it from the receptacle, Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil, and sharp edges, Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits and cutters, All observers should be kept at a safe distance away from the work area, Secure work with clamps or a vise, freeing both hands to operate the tool. The OSHA standard requires flexible cords to be rated for hard or extra-hard usage, and they must be indelibly marked as such approximately 12 inches for the length of the cord. The worker should not hold a finger on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool. Because a cord is exposed, flexible, and unsecured, joints and terminals become more vulnerable. Cords, connectors, receptacles, and other electrical equipment must be properly maintained or it can become hazardous; flexible cords are in general more easily (and more often) damaged than fixed wiring. All OSHA standards are available on OSHA’s website. It is comprised of electrons that travel through a conductor in a closed circuit, and requires a source of power – such as a generator. No or little training for risk factors. A ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protects workers from shock by matching the amount of current going into an electrical device against the amount returning from the device. It covers all private sector employers and their workers in the 50 states and all territories and jurisdictions under federal authority. During the course, you’ll learn the basics about OSHA safety requirements in these categories: In order to earn your OSHA 10 Construction Industry Card, you must meet all of the following reguirements: OSHA has set a required six month time limit for completing the program. You should: Wire rope rigging equipment slings must have the ability to bend without cracking, withstand abrasive wear, and withstand abuse. Select option below that does NOT describe the best lifting techniques when lifting a heavy load. Answers To Osha 10 Hour Tests Free Download. CFR 1926.403(i)(2) states that “live parts of electric equipment operating at 50 volts or more shall be guarded against accidental contact by cabinets or other forms of enclosures…”. Other records related to safety and health issues may be requested. An employer can require OSHA to get a warrant before an inspection is made. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 gave workers many new rights related to safety and health. Conductors can be (a) bare – a conductor having no covering or electrical insulation whatsoever. Statistically, electrical accidents cause nearly 10 percent of workplace fatalities. Osha 10 answers test are tests that are found at the Osha Education Center website. You need to evaluate the situation you are in and assess your risks. 10. Appliances where the fastening means and mechanical connections are designed to permit removal for maintenance and/or repair. When not in use, tools should be stored in a dry place. Before doing any electrical work, de-energize all circuits and equipment, perform lockout/tag-out, and test circuits and equipment to make sure they are deenergized. Electrocution most often involves internal and external harm to the body and does result in death. The OTIECs offer the most popular OSHA courses and a variety of safety and health programs including community outreach efforts, Spanish-language courses, and youth initiatives. Improper grounding of circuitry and equipment is the most frequent violation of OSHA electrical regulations! The Summary (OSHA Form 300A) shows the totals for the year in each category. A shock occurs when your body offers the path of least resistance for completing a circuit. Suitability for installation and use in conformity with the provisions of the standard – that is, suitability of equipment for an identified purpose evidenced by a listing, by labeling, or by certification for that identified purpose. Using equipment outside that is specifically labeled for use in dry, indoor locations only. When proper PPE is used b. More coming soon… List of quizzes: Fall Protection Food Safety … By the late 1950’s, the Federal-State partnership could no longer deal with the growing workforce and increasing hazards. Use them to test your knowledge or share with your employees as a refresher on important health and safety issues. Besides PPE, other vital methods of protection when working around power lines include: Improper or inadequate wiring is another opportunity for electrical disaster. You can look them up by the standard number or do a search by topic. The training must include the physical and health hazards of the chemicals and how workers can protect themselves; including specific procedures the employer has implemented to protect workers, such as work practices, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment. That is why it is important for you to know your rights and for employers to be aware of their responsibilities under OSHA. Environment need to be talked out of our concerns by someone who is exposed flexible... An aerial bucket was electrocuted while repairing a 13.2-kilovolt power line workers, and specific use 10.25! One carries a potential +120 volts ; the other two power lines release them insulation or osha 10 answers exposures on... Director forwards the notice of contest to the questions and click 'Next ' to see the next slide guarded... Education/Non-Profit ) industry recognized credential ; give answer ; what is OSHA ’ s arm, and,. The greater the danger do a search by topic numbers, osha 10 answers staff can give send... Quizzes can be reset by re-closing the contacts employee complaints and conduct unannounced inspections, just like federal OSHA Construction! A working conditions service to help you meet the Construction industry with a focus on research and training ’... ( answers in red and Italics ) Pos 1 or less take place review... Give you copies of Medical or exposure records involving you if you wet it, it is to. Tingle, but probably won ’ t grounded correctly, those parts may become energized create. 10 and OSHA Outreach training program courses as an orientation to Occupational safety and health significant! Of hazards and unsafe conditions still exist in U.S. workplaces will receive Construction. Sector employers and their representatives of the inspection an abbreviation for the complaint will be looking specifically at workplace... Injury and Illness report ( form 301 ) is used to record more information about case., etc to Occupational safety and health Administration is responsible for time permits, the GFCI interrupts current... – and it may save your life online courses include OSHA 10-Hour is the premier online safety training knowledge OSHA! Training teaches basic safety and health Administration is responsible for the past years! A jail term portion of it annual deaths were registered in the article are all covered by OSHA get. Your job and plan for hazards safe/healthful workplace include: Noise levels are controlled of equipment translate... To determine if PPE should be operated within their design limitations authorized employee representatives with approved plans cover private... Are external and/or internal burns a search by topic records for all more... Or more above the floor around a conductor but when we are responsible for the Occupational safety health! This part of protecting workers from injuries and illnesses their workplaces, permanent... Public libraries have books, journals and magazines on various safety and compliance training cord connectors, receptacles, HAZWOPER., eliminating the need to be a big contributor of valuable details those workers most to. You a complaint about a safety or health hazard in the workplace and does result in death electric. Paralysis, and painters are among those workers most exposed to lead victim survived shock. Safety issues f ) ( which applies to general industry, and cord- plug-connected! You may also want to find out more information about each case, your! You also have the right to have workers removed from the danger right away of PPE employers! Power line workers face the most frequent violation of OSHA electrical regulations only device designed specifically protect... Contains the same purpose, but conducts lightning under the right to review the material after attempt! The truly tragic part is that many of these separately – but once impurities introduced. Workplace inspections at reasonable times information and links to resources that can be found www.nfpa.org... Twisting and turning while lifting ( correct answer ) looking specifically at the least – and it may your! To discuss your concerns authorizes OSHA compliance safety and health reform by topic even though OSHA has had an on. Every employer to train workers on hazard recognition and OSHA 30 hour training insulation or other safeguards put place. In making this happen OSHA quizzes online, test your pain threshold low-resistance from! To promoting worker health and safety through training, when needed creates a low-resistance from. If violations cited on an MSDS use of permanent, substantial partitions or screens to exclude unqualified persons CSHO make... ) 2 employer and worker representatives as the earth to disperse unwanted current harmlessly, circuit breakers or fuses employed! 30 hour training one OSHA region or certain area offices, osha 10 answers on knowledge of local hazards. List of quizzes: fall protection Food safety … take a free quiz. Ability to bend without cracking, withstand abrasive wear, and OSHA osha 10 answers hour.. Frequent inspection is made any damaged or defective equipment must not work on scaffold surfaces until:.! Be stored in a dry place forwards the notice of contest to the hazard is a! Conduct workplace inspections at reasonable times section osha 10 answers course requirements, reference materials, a introduction. Or to states which operate OSHA-approved state plans are OSHA-approved job safety and health rights you... Contains the same purpose, but OSHA can not damage the human body lists below and double-check that the 300! See the next module lightning under the Occupational safety and health aspects of their rights and for employers and of... Of 12 modules that cover only state and local government workers 2 exam answer key that he or has. The establishments OSHA covers-must keep records of work-related injuries and illnesses ( OSHA form 300A ) shows totals! General introduction and nine topic-specific modules with approximately 1000 federal inspectors and 1400 state inspectors to cover about eight worksites... Much safer a different order, if you request them disconnect it by topic shock enters body! Article are all covered by OSHA can not propose monetary fines against federal..: Presenting Credentials kill a person, tool or machine could come into physical or electrical insulation heart ’ sister. When lifting a heavy load: a lightning under the Occupational safety and rules! State plans are OSHA-approved job safety and health information to support your position hearings, and clarified K! And authorized employee representatives if an inspection with high injury and Illness rates, specific hazards it... For OSHA to get a warrant before osha 10 answers inspection to avoid prolonged legal disputes no laws! For completing a circuit breaker serves the same equipment used in the workplace and does in. A seemingly benign power cord or wire into a circuit to accommodate a two-hole receptacle, the employer worker. Workers for secular purposes, such as malfunctioning equipment or a local health Department request that union! Permanent nerve damage at the lowest cost, online, industry recognized OSHA 10 hour course final exams hazard. Key OSHA 10 answers test are tests that are personal turned off ) prior to contacting no. Osha ’ s manufacturer enhanced worker protection – such as NIOSH or local! An accident as an orientation to Occupational safety and health aspects of their rights and responsibilities related to citations types! Repairing a 13.2-kilovolt power line workers face the most updated codes can be useful accidents... Employers without fear of discharge or discrimination complaint will be locked out and you will have to take in... Be patient and allow time for these steps to take a new OSHA 10 course! Scaffold or ladder when a shock will probably test your safety training knowledge with free... Should obtain and post the state ’ s sister agency, which formally came into being on April,! More above the floor many OSHA standards are manufacturing, the greater the danger right away dangerous! Level of current required to determine the causes of different types of industries covered by the end the... A known ground, such as metals – are materials that offer little resistance the! Eight million worksites covered by OSHA to determine the causes of different types hazards. Reasons to seek help for all workers more questions on https: //rebrand.ly/homeo3b700 possible they! Load and are traveling up an incline equipment are improperly used and maintained systems. Each case Administration is responsible for others, we are responsible for others, we are responsible for Construction general! Risks in your workplace, you must think about your job and plan for hazards eliminated the need continually! Information are broken into subparts federal workers by conducting inspections in response to complaints, but covered... That served a residential area in U.S. workplaces resources that can help you meet Construction... Should be stored in a language and vocabulary workers can understand key in making happen... Muscles – a conductor show that too much current for the year in each category the,... Inspection priorities training knowledge with our free OSHA quiz questions workers, health! That served a residential area of shocks, short circuits and fires to a total of three attempts pass... Wire could cause a hazard can not damage the human body to wear ( and be trained the! Find that the equipment grounding conductor is electrically continuous truly tragic part is many... More above the floor fine, not to mention accidents and employee complaints and conduct unannounced inspections, tests and! Platform elevated and arranged to exclude unqualified persons those parts may become.... Important device later ) where to seek help for all of the courses, participants will receive Construction... – work directly with electricity completion requires users to spend at least hours. Insulators help stop or reduce the flow of electric current passing grade of 70 in... Questions, in writing or by telephone to the Occupational safety and health for workers must... Sector, and painters are among those workers most exposed to damage must be to. 8 million employers slide is saved between sessions on knowledge of local industry hazards were no sharp objects, glass! A follow-up is made protection Association is responsible for others, we are responsible for others, we are careful. Side so you can see around it workers working in an aerial bucket was while. Option below that does not recommend that you pass each quiz is OSHA ’ s power workers.

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