Cesar Luiz de Oliveira Janoti

Cesar Luiz de Oliveira Janoti

– Master’s student in Legal Sciences at Universidade Autônoma de Lisboa (Portugal)

– Post-graduated in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure from Universidade Cândido Mendes, in 2008

– Graduated in Law from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, in 2005

– Author of the chapter “HC 97.261: analysis of the (a) criminal nature of the interception or unauthorized reception of cable TV signals in light of the constitutional principle of the legal reserve”, part of the book “The Supreme by its Advisors”, published by Editora Almedina – 2014

– Author of the article “Water privatization: problem or solution?”, published in Revista Recursos Hídricos (Portugal), vol. 40, n.º 2 – 2019

– Author of the article “Portuguese law on anticipated guidelines for health care: critical reflections and inspiration to the Brazilian legal system”, published in Revista RT Direito e Medicina, vol. 1 – 2019

– Co-author of the article “Objective criminalization of tax defaults: a dogmatic criminal approach”, published in Revista Magister de Direito Penal e Processual Penal, n.º 93 – 2020

– Co-author of the article “Action for annulment of tax debt as a matter prejudicial to the procedural-criminal demands concerning the crimes provided for in items I to IV of Article 1 of Law No. 8,137 / 90”, published in Revista Magister de Direito Tributário e Finanças Públicas, n.º 82 – 2020

– Co-author of the article “Contributions to the understanding of the rights to information and informed consent”, published in Revista dos Tribunais, vol. 1018 – 2020

– Language: English and Spanish

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