The preventive advice in Corporate Criminal Law aims in answering questions, to elaborate opinions and to render assistance in strategic matters for the companies, as well as to give lectures and corporate trainings aiming to reduce in an effective way the possibilities of criminal incidence to the managers of legal entities.

“Some advisory services constitute highlights in this field of action, namely the prevention against corporate fraud as well as the planning analyses for tax, trade, environmental and consumer protection law actions – and especially labor security ones – the latter primarily oriented to industries and construction companies, whose goal is to avoid fatal occupational accidents with their employees.

In this segment, the elaboration of manuals of procedures for the prevention of accidents at work and crisis response is a highlight, developed from a universe of more than 100 material cases in which the partner David Rechulski has acted in the last years.

Such manuals are always customized, observing the particularities of each client’s field of action, presenting as purpose to become effective and personalized tools. These manuals are implemented through lectures and seminars given using multimedia resources.