DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS is a recognized law firm specializing in corporate criminal law, criminal compliance, strategic crisis management and sanctioning administrative law, awarded nationally and internationally for legal quality in serving its clients.

Founded nearly two decades ago, the firm is headquartered in São Paulo and has an experienced team of more than 20 lawyers with national coverage, including lawyers located in Belo Horizonte and Brasília, under the leadership of the titular partner David Rechulski, recognized for his career of more than 33 years of success, always guided by a highly strategic, technical and ethical bias, being thus repeatedly appointed as one of the most admired lawyers in the country, with continuous recognition by the largest national and international specialized publications.

Leader for years in his areas of expertise in Brazil, DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS has prominent position in providing strategic and preventive consultancy to national and foreign persons and companies in relevant legal criminal matters and has sponsored with remarkable success the legal defense of its clients in the context of proceedings, police investigations and criminal prosecutions against them.

The DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS firm has experience in prevention, investigation and repression of corporate fraud, environmental crimes, crimes against the tax order (tax evasion), crimes against the national financial system (fraudulent and reckless management of financial institution, foreign exchange evasion), crimes against the capital market (insider trading), crimes against the public administration (bidding fraud and public contracts), economic crimes, electronic crimes, crimes resulting from work accidents (accidents and fatalities), among others.

The founding partner David Rechulski has remarkable expertise in strategic management of corporate crises, advising his clients about events with potential legal and institutional consequences, including the perspective to preserve the reputation and image of the company and its executives.

The DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS firm also works in partnership with media companies in advising their clients, as well as with respected international law firms in providing consultancy in Brazilian criminal law in the context of international procedures, including arbitrations.

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