The firm DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS has integrity as one of the most important cornerstones of its work and constantly strives to ensure that ethics and transparency are inexorable commitments in its relations with clients, public administration and the interpersonal relationships of its professionals.

Our office always adds up-to-date compliance and ethical management standards to the usual good governance and integrity practices.

In this context, in addition to the constant increase in anti-corruption practices, internal control mechanisms, transparency policies and personal data protection, we also have guidelines on interaction with the media in general, including on the use of social media by its professionals, in order to preserve due respect for clients, the law and society.

The DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS law firm established an ideal of female Compliance, with the purpose to achieve and maintain gender equality in its team, formed by 13 women among its 20 lawyers, who also hold important leadership roles, occupying management and partner positions.

We also emphasize that the integrity ideals adopted by our firm go beyond the limits of the legal activities performed, achieving the social responsibility and solidarity necessary to vivify a healthy and developed society, so that we encourage employees of DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS to participate in collaborative projects with Third Sector entities, as well as constantly investing in publications, programs and events related to compliance, integrity and governance practices, actively contributing to the propagation and consolidation of ethical concerns and public policies in the segments that need mobilization and the assistance of civil society.


We have a Code of Ethics and Conduct aimed at formalizing the reinforcing our ethics and integrity practices, in which there is an express provision on the prevention of conflicts of interest, mandatory observance of integrity practices in relation to public authorities during acts of representation and confidentiality of information handled during the provision of legal services, among other topics of equal importance. The document is annualy updated.

Access our Code of Ethics and Conduct

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DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS has a firm commitment to integrity and transparency and provides a Whistleblower Channel so that anyone can report facts that they believe should be investigated.

The reports received are analyzed with rigor, description and exemption, preserving the identity of the claimant whenever requested by him.

If you want to file a complaint with DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS, just send a message to:

  • (whose address is the main partner David Rechulski) and/or;
  • (whose recipient is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the office DAVID RECHULSKI, ADVOGADOS).

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