Superintendent Director at Odebrecht Infraestrutura

“David has supported us in several cases, all with positive results, the result of proactive monitoring and preventive actions. I strongly recommend his hiring.”

Legal Manager at Tim Celular S/A

“David Rechulski is a professional who provides a differentiated service in his area of expertise, with high-level legal advice and strategic vision of the presented situations.”

Assistant General Counsel at Construtora Andrade Gutierrez S.A.

“A differentiated professional, with a firm and high-level performance in complex and extremely delicate problems of business life. His performance broadens the horizon of solutions, through his coordination of works focused on achieving them.”

Legal Manager at Nextel Telecomunicações Ltda SP

“Rechulski gives the comfort and personalism that criminal matters require. An experienced, yet modern lawyer who seeks to fully understand his clients’ business.”

Environmental Supervisor at Ford Motor Company Brasil Ltda

“Dr. David has always presented excellent results related to the areas of work he has been hired for. His explanations, materials required for the development of his work, as well as documentation that supports his activities have always been clear and definitive to achieve the results previously outlined. I recommend the services of Dr. David Rechulski.”

Law General Manager at Samarco Mineração

“David Rechulski is a very competent, balanced and strategic professional whose experience and seriousness produce concrete results. Always willing to listen and contribute, he always brings a differentiated vision about the themes in which he works, enriching the discussions and enlarging the repertoire of those involved, adding great value.”

Legal and Corporate Crisis Director at HCO GROUP

“I had the pleasure to hire Dr. David’s services for several cases and in all of them he acted with distinction! I highlight in particular one in which it was at that time the largest that the company faced, as it was an extremely complex demand involving significant financial amount, risk of client exposure and considerable brand exposure. Dr. David was an impeccable professional. His performance was surgical! He obtained the necessary evidence, conducted the case with mastery and got the conviction of those involved (because the company was a victim). I could observe that Dr. David has a deep technical knowledge and is a master at the matters he litigates. In the mentioned case, and in all of them, he knew how to take all the necessary measures to guarantee the success in the demand and he obtained them! His team worked with the same quality. Dr. David is very ethical, courteous and committed. One of the best professionals I have met and had the honor to work with! In fact, it is very good to work with someone who is confident and knows what he is doing.”

Senior Corporate Lawyer (Advisory and Litigation)

“David Rechulski is an excellent lawyer. He has a sober, correct, ethical profile and, above all, conducts legal issues with great professionalism and strategic thinking.”

Chief Financial Officer at Saraiva S.A. Livreiros Editores

“David is very competent and has a deep understanding in his field. He is very committed to his clients’ needs. A great professional.”

Head of Forensic Technology at KPMG

“I had a chance to work with David and I strong recommend him. David brings a rare combination between technical and business capabilities very important to help customers in a course of projects or business risks and issues. Thanks for give me opportunity to work together, and I`ll looking forward to have David and his team working in my projects.”

Legal and Liability Claims Manager at Chubb

“I had the opportunity to meet Dr. David’s work in 2009. Since then we have been working together on specific cases. I have always been very well assisted, both by him and by the team. I consider his work of high quality and technicality, always attentive to the details and particularities of the case.”

Legal Director at GVT – Global Village Telecom

“David is an excellent professional and very competent. It is always available to assist us personally when requested, presenting effective solutions in a very fast way, even for highly complex topics.”

Pavan Rocca, Stahl & Zveibil Advogados

“David is one of the best criminal advisor in Brazil nowadays. I have hired David personally and also his personnel from David Rechulski Advogados to defend many cases involving Tintas Coral do Brasil (British ICI group), Hewlett Packard Brasil and EMC2 Computer Systems Brasil (these, US subsidiaries). At that time and during all the cases under David Rechulski`s care I was very well impressed with his performance and the strategical guidance given by him, that were responsible for positive results reached by those companies. If I have to face a new criminal litigation I will firstly think about hiring David and his law firm to take care of the proper measures for defend my clients as well as recommending him to any company which needs a high level expert in the Criminal Law matters.”

MMX Mining and Metals S/A

“David is one of those rare professionals in the field of Law who has as characteristics: Knowledge, Technique, Balance and thoughtfulness as virtues”. I recommend that you get to know the work of this professional in the field of Criminal Law and loss recovery for companies.”

Private Insurance Lawyer – president of IBDS Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law

“David is a criminalist who, without harming his technical function, knows how to integrate actions on behalf of clients with private law mortals. This is rare, very rare. Thank you, Rechulski!”

Founding Partner at Sion Advogados

“David is one of the most brilliant criminal lawyers I’ve ever worked with. I’m glad to endorse him.”

Legal Affairs Director at Prysmian Energia Cabos e Sistemas

“David is an excellent professional who works on each detail of the matter involved. He follows the issues personally and is very consistent during the whole process.”

Business Person

“David Rechulski has provided us with services in the area telecom confidentiality. Highly competent, his dedication and attention, together with the technical knowledge that few have, consolidate his position as one of the country’s leading lawyers.”

Professor at Faculdade Católica Salesiana do Espírito Santo

“David is a lawyer of unparalleled quality. I would highlight his ability – far beyond the standards – to develop strategies to defend the client´s interests and to implement them successfully. His technical competence and commitment are impeccable. Adding these characteristics to the serenity, intelligence and admirable wisdom that are peculiar to him, David Rechulski is a highly recommended professional to handle criminal law business hard cases and also – and above all – a valuable friend, to whom I dedicate special admiration and respect.”

Human Resources Manager – Group at Cia Cacique de Café Solúvel

“Dr. David owns a very high-level law firm. He is very competent, helpful and gives us incredible security. He has been working with us for some time and the results achieved are beyond expectations. I recommend Dr. David Rechulski and his law firm to all my friends with great tranquility.”

Head of Legal

“When I worked at HP, Dr. David provided me with high quality services in the corporate criminal area. Dr. David was always attentive, available and competent.”

Legal Manager

“David is an admirable, very competent and committed professional. His hiring for the defense of a criminal case is a guarantee of legal security for the contracting party.”

Corporate Law, Capital Markets, Infrastructure, M&A

“David is a very focused attorney, who gives special attention to details, making a great difference in the results when you are dealing with cases of great repecurssion, involving several events and different areas of your organization. An attorney that must be by your side in difficult cases.”

Founder & Director, upLexis.com

“Of lawyers I can say that I know a little of their daily lives, since we serve at upLexis tens of thousands of professionals throughout the country with solutions in information technology. I am a personal witness to Dr. David Rechulski’s work, his performance and focus on issues in his field as a criminal expert. Decisions, we have every day. But long-term decisions are rare. Bingo… Surely we still have plenty of time to positively recommend Dr. David’s work!”

General Manager at MSC

“Dr. David is a lawyer of the highest level, competent, confident and upstanding. He leads a team of valuable professionals extremely dedicated to the cases of his customers. I recommend his professional services and those of his team.”

Lawyer TCM/SP

“Excellent lawyer. Absolute trust.”

Internal Audit and Compliance Manager at Alphaville Urbanismo

“Dr. David is an excellent lawyer who has as main differential the fact of knowing the functioning of a company and not getting stuck to purely technical arguments. Thus, he is able to understand the client’s demand and apply his technical knowledge to help him/her.”

Engineer at Odebrecht

“In my most difficult moments he was the only lawyer with 100% achievement.”

Director of Comunicação Mais Assessoria Ltda

“David is a great professional, with a deep knowledge of law, thorough in the preparation of his work. He provides a personal and dedicated service, is direct and clear in his statements, transmitting confidence to the client.”