I had the pleasure of hiring Dr. David’s services for several cases and he acted with distinction in all of them! I particularly highlight one that was at that time the biggest that the company faced, as it was an extremely complex demand and involved significant financial value, risk of customer exposure and considerable brand exposure. Dr. David was an impeccable professional. Your performance was surgical! He obtained the necessary evidence, handled the case masterfully and managed to get those involved convicted (since the company was a victim). I could see that Dr. David has a deep technical knowledge and dominates the matters he litigates. In the case mentioned, and in all of them, it knew how to take all the necessary measures to guarantee success in the demand and obtained them! His team acted with the same quality. Dr. David is very ethical, courteous and committed. One of the best professionals I met and with whom I had the honor to work! In fact, it’s great to work with someone who’s safe and knows what they’re doing.

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